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PRUNING TREE| MAINTENANCE - Trees require timely maintenance to remain healthy and retain curb appeal. Removing dead, sick, weak or undesirable branches helps the tree retain its characteristic shape and maintain optimal health. 

SURGERY | TREE & STUMP REMOVAL - Unfortunately some trees die, get sick or outlive their utility. At Guardian, we have certified professionals that have the knowledge and equipment available to complete the process in a safe and precise manner.

TREE MAPPING | CONSULTATIONS - Guardian is offering tree mapping services to its customers using ArborPlus. We can identify the different varieties of trees on the property and provide a consultation on the best way to proceed for optimal tree health and curb appeal. With our expertise, we can help your plants flourish in their environment.

BRACING | CABLING - Performed to provide additional support for weaker limbs. Bracing and cabling help prevent possible damage that might be caused due to breakage or weakening limbs.

INSECT | DISEASE CONTROL - Our Certified Arborists can diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment to prevent any further damage to the plant and its surrounding area. 

CHIPPING SERVICES - Are you someone who takes care of tree maintenance yourself, but looking for someone to take away branches and debris? If so, we provide those services as well. We can take away all the unwanted branches off your property. Leaving your a property free of debris and clutter. 

FERTILIZATION PROGRAMS- The lack of proper nutrition can stunt a plant's growth and cause sickness. At Guardian, we can determine and provide each plant with the nutrients it needs to maintain growth and health.

General Care
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