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Tree Pruning Winnipeg

Tree Services

Winnipeg Tree Pruning Service is our family-owned business in Winnipeg, filled with passion for the maintenance of your garden. It is more than a job for us. We try to offer excellent tree services for your exact requirements. We offer free quotes for your tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal or stump grinding needs! Get yours today via phone call or email.


The Tree services in Winnipeg, Manitoba provided by our company include tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, tree servicing and more. We also remove and clean up tree leaves to make your space ready for topsoil or reseeding. Another service we provide is tree stump grinding that removes the last traces of a tree. To reduce the risk of further damage to your property, reduce insects, diseased plants or site problems. We also provide services to take care of tree roots, trunks or trimming to keep your trees in good health for growth and keep them free of insects.

Other services include professional tree services like maintenance for the yard, trimming of shrubs, making structures in shrubs, cutting grass, cleaning of trees removed from the street and surrounding areas.

Our company also provides tree planting services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

So get rid of unwanted or dangerous trees safely and efficiently by contacting us to request free quotes, our contact information can be found on our website.

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Tree Service - Pruning

The tree pruning project aims to prune and maintain all trees on boulevards and parklands regularly following approved standards and city laws. Individual pruning requests are scheduled and completed on a priority basis as we are passionate about our job and want to provide an excellent service with the help of our certified arborists. The tree pruning program is one of the most important elements in the maintenance of the trees in the city.

The perfect pruning cut we use is when a branch is pruned at a 45-degree angle to avoid damaging the branch ridge and collar. It's important not to cut too close to this tissue or too far away from the stem or trunk point where a branch is attached to the tree. If pruned properly, the tree will seal over the wound by itself and would not leave the wound open to pests and disease.

A professional certified arborist is essential to pruning large trees or trees near power lines. Additionally, they also guide in disinfection of used pruning equipment by methyl hydrate to prevent the spread of disease.

man pruning a tree

Winnipeg Tree Service - Facts & FAQs


Most Common Types of trees in Manitoba, Canada?

Manitoba features broadleaf trees such as trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides), known as white poplar and balsam poplar in Winnipeg.

What are common tree diseases in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada?

Dutch elm disease is a fungus that kills trees by blocking water conduction. Cankerworms are another type of pest that affects local trees.

Do you clean the branches?

We provide same-day clean-up of branches and wood. We have built a reputation for meticulous clean-ups and excellent tree services because of our professional arborists and a team that knows how to work hard and deliver satisfaction. Call us for a free quote today!

Are you licensed and insured?

ISA certification is the new standard for tree removal services in Manitoba. The arborists who work for our company will either be certified or trained with a Certified arborist. The company maintains a valid general liability policy and is fully insured. It is in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. Therefore, if anything happens to the property or one of our employees while on your, or your neighbours' property, you will not be held liable and it will be covered.

Can I keep the firewood and wood chips?

Ash and elm wood can be kept for firewood. And wood chips left after tree trimming or tree removal make great mulch, spread them in solid on your flower beds and add to the nutrients of your soil.

What is the tree service cost in Winnipeg?

The three main types of tree services offered in Winnipeg are tree removal, stump removal and tree maintenance. These services include trimming, pruning, and cutting limbs and branches.

The average cost of tree maintenance ranges from $300-$500. Stump removal about $82- $139 depending on the size, and tree removal costs between $600-$1000, but these costs include equipment and transportation from job site to work site, clean up, and hourly charges.

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