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Tree Removal Winnipeg

Tree Services

Looking to increase the health and strength of your trees while making sure your yard looks its best? Then look no further, here at Tree Removal Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba we provide all the solutions to your problems. We are passionate about tree care and tree services and take pride in providing excellent service to our customers at the best and fair rates. To keep the surrounding areas of your property safe and help decrease further damage, our tree service experts and certified arborists provide professional advice and assistance for your needs. Therefore, to learn more about our competitive prices, contact us for free quotes. We can be contacted via phone or email.

We provide multiple tree services in our family-owned business in Winnipeg, Manitoba, including tree trimming, tree removals, hedge trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, stump grinding, treatment of tree diseases (e.g. Dutch Elm Disease or Cankerworms), tree cutting, branches trimming, shrubs pruning, fast and efficient clean-up after the job and many more tree services, depending on your requirements.

More expert tree services in Winnipeg include yard maintenance, shrub trimming, grass cutting, and tree plantation.

We are committed to serving Winnipeg, Manitoba with unparalleled passion. And to maintain your trees in good health! Our certified arborists will help you in getting rid of dangerous or unwanted trees safely and efficiently. Our company also provides fast service in the removal of the traces of the tree and branches, after tree removal service or stump grinding and leaving your yard ready for replanting. To start growing a lifetime of memories with the best solution for your landscape.

Winnipeg Tree Service Facts

Winnipeg is an area that features trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) and balsam poplar. The white poplar is also found in the Native Trees of Manitoba. Our experts and professional arborists are always well equipped with the latest and relevant information about the rules and regulations by the Urban Forestry Branch about tree care and tree services in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas.

Our company in Winnipeg, Manitoba can work with the government for commercial and industrial parks or corporate offices for hotels, malls and condominium complexes. We also deal with individual homeowners for small-scale projects. Therefore, if you require any kind of tree services, whether tree removal, tree pruning or tree trimming, call us now and speak to a certified arborist for a free estimate quote for your tree work.

We are also fully insured and maintain an ISA certification standard for every tree service we provide at our company. Therefore, if anything happens to your property, it will be covered by our insurance company so you don't have to worry about any risk to your home.


Tree Removal 

Even though we provide tree removal services. Most of the time our professional arborists will work hard to preserve trees and for their well-being. But in case, the trees become dangerous for the location or become a hindrance for the power lines, the city of Winnipeg would require a tree removal service and this is where our company comes in to complete the project. Tree removal service is also required if the tree is damaged, dies or grows in poor conditions. Our experts will guide you to the best course of action for your needs. We will also provide clean-up service for the trees removed from the property to make sure our client is satisfied with the quality of our work.

The best time to get a tree removal job done is between August to March, because Elm trees cannot be removed due to Dutch Elm Disease between April to July and if any tree service is required during this time, we offer tree trimming, hedge trimming and tree pruning for maintenance until the tree removal can be done. Call us today to request a free quote and advice!

Tree Pruning & Trimming


A great tree service we provide is tree pruning in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The pruning is done by professional arborists dedicated to doing what is right. Tree pruning is essential for maintaining the safety and health of trees. A well-pruned tree will seal over the area and would not leave it exposed to insects or diseases. Therefore our arborists will use the perfect pruning cut at a 45-degree angle so the branch ridge and collar are not damaged.


A tree trimming project promotes the growth of trees and plants. It should be done at least once after a flowering season. It is great for the maintenance of city parks and personal yards.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Often after tree cutting, a tree stump is left behind. Tree stumps are usually unaesthetic and often a tripping hazard. It can also be potentially dangerous for the foundation of the property or the driveway. Therefore, in such cases, tree removal is the best form of tree service to go for! Our team of professional arborists will guide you and help you avoid any damage and hence, beautifying your yard, by using the best quality equipment and skills.

There are two main methods used in stump removals

Stump grinding - this is an essential tool for the best landscaping. This is the most common technique for this service where a commercial stump grinder is used to chip away the stump. We have advanced grinders that help us complete the job and provide a great quality service.

Stump removal - this is the most environmentally friendly way to remove stumps. In this method, a ditch is dug and all the major surrounding roots are cut before taking out the stump.

As with all our services we offer cleanup service after stump removal service as well. But we also leave an option for people to take the leftover wood chips as they can be used to add nutrients to flower beds and spread as mulch. Some types of wood also make great firewood.

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