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Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

The Emerald Ash Borer beetle originated in Asia and has slowly made its way to Canada back in December 2017 [1]. The adult beetles lay eggs under the bark in Ash trees and the larvae eat their way out from within. The damage caused by the larvae is unnoticeable for the first few years after contact, but the tree will eventually die due to damage the insect feeding has caused.

Depending on the seasonal temperatures, the beetles will emerge in the late spring and breed throughout the warmest months of the season.

The Ash tree is the second most common species in Winnipeg, making up over 30% of Winnipeg’s entire urban forest. This equates to about 350,000 trees throughout the city [2]. Although each case is unique, here are some signs your tree may have already been invaded by this little pest.

Possible Symptoms

  • D-shaped Exit Holes.

  • Leaf / Crown Death.

  • Bark Deformities.

  • Woodpecker Feeding Holes.

  • Yellowing Leaves.

  • Vertical Cracks in Truck.

  • Rapid Growth Shoots.

  • S-shaped Larval Feeding Galleries Under Bark.

The most common way the beetles are spread is usually through the movement of firewood. Be careful to not move any firewood in affected areas.

The best solution to this problem is prevention. An insecticide can be applied as a preventative to kill off the insect before too much damage is done when they feed.

But what do you do if your tree has already been affected? Is it possible to save your tree after the pest has infiltrated? To determine this, you will have to contact a specialist as soon as possible. They can usually determine if the tree is still healthy enough to save.

With Spring on its way, the little pest will be back in action before we know it. Take the measures necessary to save the ash tree in your yard.

Guardian Tree Services provides tree services to clientele located in the Winnipeg, Manitoba region. Please feel free to contact us if you are ever in need of any tree services. Our knowledgeable, experienced and licensed staff are ready to help you every step of the way!


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